6 07 2008

Lisa (Jake’s mom) came up with Luke for a visit a few weeks ago. They helped with some house projects and enjoyed some bonding time with the kiddos. David loved snuggling with Grandma and even showed off some smiles and coos!

During one of his little snoozes, Lisa noticed that he had his fingers crossed. It really cracked me up!

He already has little boy fingers…. they have some dirt in between them!

Luke and Jake moved the crib into the room and got it set up. Then Lisa and I got it decorated with the bedding and toys. We put David in it to see what he would think. He sure liked looking at everything! He’s still not sleeping in it at night, but I’ve started putting him in there for naps. It will be fun to have David and Eliana sharing a room in a few more months!

Eliana found some Christmas Reindeer Ears while we were unpacking some boxes. For fun, Lisa put them on David. We sure thought he looked cute, but David didn’t seem too impressed.

The next morning, David had some more fun snuggle time with Lisa, while Jake and Luke worked on making the solar screens. David was in a real happy mood, and cooed away! He would switch back and forth between serious and smiley.

David has a dimple!

That next weekend, we went to a company picnic. The food was fabulous and I really enjoyed meeting some more of Jake’s co-workers! There was a pond with a nice path around it, so we took a family stroll before heading home. Eliana really enjoyed looking at the ducks and kept asking for some bread so that she could feed the ducks. She wanted to ride on Jake’s shoulders, and stayed up there for the entire walk! David slept the whole time. We met up with some of Jake’s co-workers on the path and they enjoyed playing “pass the sleeping baby”. They were worried that they’d wake him up, but he just kept snoozing!

There were trees planted along the entire path. Eliana kept wanting to stop and look at the leaves on the trees. I guess she normally isn’t high enough to really look at them!

There is a small dock that we walked on, and found some feathered friends hanging out.

A bunch of ducks were swimming around the dock, and Eliana really enjoyed watching them go upside down into the water and laughed when their little tails and butts were sticking up out of the water!

By the end of the walk, Eliana was getting tuckered out. She was slipping further and further down Jake’s back. She also was getting shy and didn’t want her picture taken.

It was a fun afternoon at the park!




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