2 07 2008

It was really fun seeing Eliana’s reaction to David! I wasn’t sure if she’d understand the concept that this baby she was looking at was the same baby that had been in her mama’s tummy.

When Lisa brought her home, she came running through the door shouting, “He came out! He came out! Baby David came out of mama’s tummy!” She was so excited to see him! She kept patting him, and giving him kisses on his head. She wanted to hold him right away, too. David was getting hungry at that point, and kept crying. Eliana was so cute. She immediately patted him and started “shushing” him. She told him, “Calm Down, Baby David. Calm Down.” LOL! She’s going to make such a good little mama!

Eliana holding David for the first time!

We were given a really cute flower bouquet from Jake’s co-workers at Raytheon. It was dropped off and left on our front step. It is an old-fashioned fire truck with the flower bouquet in the truck bed. The wheels actually work, so Eliana had a blast rolling it up and down our hallway!

Eliana was watching me nurse David. After he finished on one side, she helped me burp him and then I was attempting to latch him on the other side. He was getting sleepy, so I took his shirt off to wake him up a bit. She pointed to his nipples and asked what those were. I told her that they were his nipples. Then she lifted up her shirt and told me proudly that she had nipples too! She then asked if she could see the milk come out of my nipples. Well, I figured what’s the harm and demonstrated, and boy she was impressed!

She then started talking about how David had come out of my tummy and he couldn’t go back inside my tummy. Thank goodness for that!

And then she started asking if she could have a baby in her tummy. I told her she’d have to be A LOT older before she could have a baby in her tummy. She started babbling about how one day she was going to have a baby in her tummy, and then the baby would come out and then she’d feed the baby milk from her own nipples. She pointed at my breast pump sitting on the end table next to the couch and started talking about how sometimes I used the breast pump to get milk out of my nipples to feed Baby David. She then asked if she could have a purple breast pump to get milk out of her nipples to feed her own baby. I laughed and told her that if purple breast pumps were available at that time, then I would be happy to buy her a purple breast pump.

Then she went and got her baby doll and decided to nurse her baby. She shoved it down the top of her shirt and said she was nursing her baby doll. Except the doll’s head was still sticking out. Once David finished nursing, I attempted to show Eliana how to lift up her shirt and hold her doll’s mouth to her nipple. But she kept insisting that her baby doll had to go through the top of her shirt. It cracked me up, as this is the first time we’ve had this discussion and she played with her doll that way. She’ll figure out the proper technique eventually.

Here are a few pictures of Eliana nursing her baby doll.

(By the way… she picked out the outfit herself. I think she did a great job, except for the mismatched shoes, LOL!)

“Look, Mom! Hand’s Free Nursing!”

Hugging her doll while “nursing”

Gotta give the doll a kiss!

Introducing the “Squishing” Nursing Position, LOL!

I really love babywearing.  I like trying out new carriers and wraps and I esp. love being hands free so that I can chase after Eliana!  David loves being snuggled up right next to me.  I am sure that it reminds him of being in the womb and hearing my heart beat and breathing rhythms.  I have taken a few pictures of me wearing David.  I still look pretty exhausted in them, but they make me smile, knowing that I have my little guy nice and close.  I’ve even managed to nurse him a few times while wearing him!  So here are some pictures of me wearing David!

David wrapped up in the black Moby wrap

Wrapping David in a blue gauze wrap

First Back Carry!  Wearing David in the Maya Tie carrier.

First time nursing in the Kozy carrier in public!  Shopping at Home Depot.

Eliana loves to color and paint.  I had bought some doodle markers and a coloring pad for her to open up after David was born.  She would color all day if she could!




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