I Sense a Disturbance….

1 07 2008

Jake said he wanted a couple of Star Wars shirts for his birthday.  While looking at them, I realized that it would be so fun to have some Star Wars shirts for David!  I decided to register for them and see if any of them would show up at the shower.  None did, so I did go ahead and get Jake his shirts and splurged and bought the one that David modeled in the previous post.

While at Walmart one day, I happened to notice that they had tee-shirt iron-on transfer paper.  Bingo!  I grabbed a pack, and picked up some basic white baby tee-shirts as well.  I typed up some different sayings, printed them out and then ironed them onto the shirt.  My parents came over later that night to celebrate Jake’s birthday and also get some more time with the kiddos.  Jake was so surprised when he opened the present!  He had already opened the Star Wars shirts when they arrived in the mail and didn’t expect anything else from me.

I put David in one of the shirts.  It matches one that we bought for Jake.  Jake sure has enjoyed seeing David wearing the Star Wars shirts, and his co-workers and college buddies think they are hilarious!

This one is my favorite:

“I Sense A Disturbance In My Pants.”  LOLOL!!!

“I Made The Kessel Run In 11 Parsecs”

“Let The Wookie Win”

I’m going to have so much fun making shirts for Eliana and David as they get bigger!




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