I’m a Gamer…

29 06 2008

We bought this shirt for Jake for his birthday and this was the first time David wore it.  Jake is really hoping that the kiddos will enjoy playing strategy board games and video games.  Eliana has seen glimpses of the Star Wars movies and loves using her Star Wars plate and cup.  So I think it’s beginning to rub off on them!

A favorite memory of Jake with both kiddos happened the day I took this photo.  Jake was sorting out his Heroclix.  He would hold one up and look at it and then either set it aside (keep pile) or put it in a pile next to Eliana (give away or trade pile).  Eliana would then pick one up, intently look at the character, and then put it in a zip lock bag.  And David was lying on the bed, swaddled up and snoozing nearby on the bed.  Occasionally, Jake would hold up a Heroclix for David to look at.  It was so cute to see the three of them working together, and seeing Jake introduce comic book characters to David and Eliana!  I have some video of it, so I’ll have to link it.

Eliana has the prettiest blue eyes.  I just love looking into her eyes.  They do change shades of blue.  Sometimes they look almost gray and other times they are so bright.  So I love trying to capture the brilliance and sparkle in her eyes!

This shot was taken on our first outing with the three of us.  Eliana was a little sleepy, so she stayed still long enough for me to be able to grab a good picture of her.  This makes me never want her to grow up!!

And here’s something interesting.  I’ve always had really straight hair.  But I noticed it was starting to get a hint of waves after Eliana’s birth.  And now it’s pretty wavy if I don’t brush it and put some curl products in it right after a shower.  I have always wanted naturally curly hair.  Jake was joking that it’s a good reason to keep having kids… so that it would get curlier after each birth!  Here is a picture taken after a shower and I haven’t brushed it or put any products in it yet.  I’ll have to experiment with it to figure out what products will work best to keep the curls lasting all day!

I’ll end with this photo.  I found David in this pose during a nap. I wonder what David is thinking about while he sleeps?




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