28 06 2008

Here is another round of picture overload! There are so many pictures that I would love to share, and there just isn’t enough time or space in the cyber world for them all!

After David was born, we spent time getting to know him, trying to feed him, and I just loved holding him and loving on him!!

He was having a hard time latching on and we both were getting frustrated. I thought it would be easier the second time around. But then the nurse reminded me that I had nursed before, but he hadn’t, so I needed to be patient and help him figure it out. And also, what worked last time may not work this time. So we both needed to learn how to do this together.

I was so happy when he finally latched on and started nursing!!

(Funny thing about this picture… I actually had forgotten to clasp the nursing bra on the other side and Jake failed to mention this as he took the picture, LOL! Luckily I was able to figure out how to remedy that in Photoshop Elements!!)

He was a good sleeper right from the start!

“I See You!”

About seven hours after the birth, Jake and the nurse helped me get up. I got real light headed and dizzy and passed a large clot. I almost passed out in the bathroom. That’s the first time I’ve ever had smelling salts used on me and boy they are strong! They had to use a wheelchair to get me back to the bed and laid me down flat. My blood pressure had dropped down to 71/26!!! That’s quite a change, since it was 156/98 when I got to the hospital! They gave me fluids to get me rehydrated, and gave me some medicine to help my uterus work properly to get rid of everything that it needed to. Within no time, I was feeling better!

Tom and Lauren Matyas came by to see David. (Tom’s wife, Janet, had been a huge help at the birth.) I really enjoyed seeing Lauren’s reaction as she saw and held David for the first time!

Lauren helped me get David into his first little outfit, which was fun!

The Matyas family have been such a blessing to me and I am so glad that they were here to help out at the birth and meet him so soon after he was born! They were in Thailand when I gave birth to Eliana. So it’s be so much fun to have them here this time around!

Jake spent some father/son bonding time while I napped. Jake introduced him to Tolkien. I don’t think David was too impressed, as he slept through most of it. It was The Silmarillion, though, so he shouldn’t feel bad. It does the same thing to me.

Snuggling with my little man!!

Mr. Wobbly Neck!! His toes make me giggle. David has a small gap between his big toe and second toe…. Just like Daddy and Eliana!

He passed his hearing test with flying colors, but they were concerned that he was getting jaundice. Latching was hit or miss. Sometimes he would latch right on, but other times we couldn’t get it to work. So the lactation consultant came in and helped me pump and them feed him with a SNS system. I was really resistant to giving him formula and was willing to work as hard as I could to give him breast milk.

We were cleared to leave the hospital Monday morning. I still had low iron levels, so they gave me a prescription to take iron pills for a month. David’s weight had dropped a tad…. 6 lbs 1 oz… and so we were told to follow up with our pediatrician in a few days.

It was exciting but surreal to be packing up to head home with our new little guy! I put him in a special little outfit that I bought right after we found out we were having a boy.

Big yawn for a little cowboy!!

Dressed and ready to come home!

In his car seat! He looks so little!

The first night home sure started off with a fun adventure! My mom had called and said that there were thunderstorms in the area and that a tornado touched down near Godley, which is where Lisa (Jake’s mom) lives. She just wanted to give us the heads up, as the storms were heading our way.

I had just finished feeding David and getting him dressed, when to my shock and surprise, I heard the tornado sirens go off! I immediately grabbed David and ran down the hallway to the bathroom and jumped into the bath tub, and hollered for Jake to grab a pillow, a blanket and the crib mattress. Then I had this image of David being ripped from my arms, and I panicked and jumped out of the tub, ran back down the hall and grabbed the first carrier I saw… my new Kozy carrier. I also saw my camera sitting there, so I grabbed it as well. I ran back to the bathtub and I strapped David in it and felt much better about the situation! I know that Jake thought I was absolutely crazy, but I’d rather be safe than sorry! Since we had the camera in the bathroom, he took a picture of me sitting in the tub with David in the carrier on my chest.

The sirens went off for about 10 minutes. Luckily, it just got really windy and there wasn’t any damage near us. And we will always be able to tell him about the adventure we had! It was a fun way to start our bonding!

My parents came over later that evening to see David again. It was fun watching them react with their new little grandson!

Grandpa Terry and Grandma Michele holding David

Eliana was staying with Lisa for a few days, so that we could have some time alone with David and get adjusted to those late night feedings. It was so wonderful to spend so much quality time with him!




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