Craft Nesting

24 06 2008

I’m going to slowly try to get caught up with all that’s happened in the last few months.

For both Eliana and David, I spent the last six weeks of pregnancy nesting. But my form of nesting is by doing crafts. With Eliana, I was able to get six quilts done! With David, it was a little more tricky, since I was on bed rest. But I still managed to get some things done. I put the sewing machine on the trunk. I laid down on the couch to pin things, and then sat up and sewed. It was a little more cumbersome but it worked! So here are some projects that I worked on.

I saw a fun craft blog entry about secret pocket fabric eggs. They were quick and easy to make. I made over 30 of them! I kept some for Eliana and David for Easter, and gave the rest to a few of her little friends. They have small pockets in them that can fit a coin or a small piece of candy. I want to make a few each year to add to the collection. They also make fun little balls to play with!

I found these pants at the thrift store and thought they had potential.

So I took off the cuff and ribbon and sewed on some flower fabric that I had in my stash. The fabric matches the little embroidered flowers that are near the pockets.

And here is a shirt that I also thought it was cute, but it needed some pizazz.

I had plenty of the floral fabric left, so I sewed a skirt onto the shirt and made a dress! I intended it to be for next summer, but Eliana insisted on trying it on and twirling in it!! I hadn’t hemmed it yet and it’s a little long for her right now, but it should be perfect later this fall or next summer!

Here is a video of her twirling!!

Awwww…. this makes me miss our old house! This was after Jake ripped out the carpet and installed the laminate floor, and hadn’t put the trim boards or closet doors back on yet. It was a good little house for us and made a great first home for our family!!




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