23 06 2008

Wow!  It sure has been a long time since I posted!

Life has been extremely busy here in the Range family this spring.  We were house hunting in January and February. I was also painting the bathrooms a nice neutral cream color called Navajo White.  I was able to color match the paint in the living room (a tan color) and the master bedroom (an olive green color) so that we could touch those rooms up.  But my blood pressure shot up.  So I was put on bed rest for a month and transferred from the care of my midwife to an OB, and we had David Lee Range on March 30th, 2008 at 3:12am!!  He was 6 lbs 4.5 oz and 20 inches long… so tall and skinny like dad!  Even with the complications, I still managed to have a natural childbirth in the hospital, thanks to the care of my awesome doula, Maria, a great pro-natural childbirth nurse named Liz (who was a midwife for 19 years in South Africa!) and also Jake, my mom, and Janet, my dear friend.

A week after having David, Jake saw a great deal for a house that was just 1 1/2 miles north of Raytheon.  He checked it out and liked the floor plan.  I trusted his judgment and we put a bid on it.   Since it’s a foreclosure, we expected it to take weeks to hear back from the bank.  I guess they were eager to get rid of it, as we found out they accepted our offer just two days later!!!  I went up to look at the house and also really liked it.  It had a lot of cosmetic issues… needing paint, a few small holes in walls from doorknobs, scuffs on floors, some wild bedroom paint colors, and yard work.  But I could see it becoming a home for us and our kiddos.  The neat thing was that the bank left the option period in the contract.  After several inspections, the house passed and we moved forward!  We had already been packing and painting our old home before I got put on bed rest, but we went into over drive.  We closed on May 13th.

The bank hadn’t finished signing the papers, so we didn’t get the keys at closing.  😦  We were on a tight deadline to get into the house and get some things painted before moving in.  We were told there was a vesting problem with the deed.  Basically, in a foreclosure, the deed gets transferred to a temporary company and then transferred to the bank.  In this case, the deed had been transferred to the temporary company, but hadn’t been transferred to the bank.  Papers had to be overnighted somewhere for a signature, and then overnighted back for another signature, and it was going to take several days.

The window in what would be Eliana’s room was cracked.  So Jake had the idea to go ahead and break it to get into the house, since we would be replacing that window anyways.  We did wait until Thursday morning to see if the problem would be resolved by then.  Jake decided to go ahead and break into our own home.

The funny part was that Jake didn’t realize that it was a double paned window.  So he had to break through both panes.  The window was on the side of the house, and people were driving to work and kids were walking by on their way to school.  So Jake kept trying to look nonchalant about it.  A few hours later, I drove up to meet Jake.  I walked right up to the front door.  When Jake opened it, we realized that the lock box wasn’t on the door knob, and the keys were in the hiding place.  Jake hadn’t needed to break in after all, LOL!!  Oh well.  We were going to replace the window anyways.

We spent a few frantic days painting primer on Eliana’s bedroom walls, which were neon peachy pink to begin with, and Jake’s computer room walls, which were a bright neon green.  I painted Eliana’s room a calming dusty blue color, and it perfectly matches the crib bedding.  Jake wanted neutral colors in his room, so we went with the nice Navajo White that we used in the other house.  We also painted two walls in our master bedroom.  I picked a green color that matches the Texas wildflower fabric I’m using for a quilt for our bed.  And we painted the wall that the entertainment center would go on in the living room.

It was a stressful time, esp. going back to the old house and trying to finish painting everything and cleaning.  Since Jake was back on mandatory overtime, I was trying to do it on my own.

It feels good to have that house finished, and the renters already moved in.  They are a nice couple from Kenya, and have been in the states a little over six months.  They have three girls.  It seems like it is going to be a good fit for them, although it was sad to move out of our first home.  I’m glad we are renting it instead of selling it.

Jake and I have been really busy working on the new home.  It’s WONDERFUL to be so close to Jake’s work!  He’s even been riding a bike to work, so that will really save on gas prices!  There is a lot more to do here in McKinney than there was in The Colony.  We have a Farmer’s Market and a neat historic square.  The library is new and big, and they have a lot of great children’s programs.  There are tons of restaurants and lots of shopping.  Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s are all within five minutes, and they are our second homes! LOL!  We’ve bought ceiling fans, toilet seats, shower heads, cabinets, tools, blinds, hoses and soaker hoses, supplies to make solar screens, paint, paint and more paint, and lots of little extra storage things.  Jake’s computer room and Eliana’s room are completely painted and our master bedroom just needs touch up and the trim finished.  The kitchen, living room and hallways have had the walls painted and just need the trim.  The dining room is still neon blue, so once I finish touching up our room and the trim everywhere, then I plan to paint that as well.  The dining room is going to be the play area.  We had the carpets cleaned, but that room still has a faint pet urine smell.  So we are probably going to have to rip it out and replace that carpet.

I feel like we’ve made a lot of progress, but there still is a ton of work to be done.  It’s going to feel so nice and homey once we are finished!  There is more space, since it’s a four bedroom, and there is a lot more storage, esp. since it has a garage with attic access, and a wooden shed in the backyard for garden supplies and tools.

Ok, Eliana is wanting to eat, as is David, so I’ll stop for now, and come back and add pictures later. It’ll be fun to post before/after pictures of the house.  And David is a handsome little man, so it will be fun to post pictures from the past few months!!!




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