Baby Leg Love

10 01 2008

Almost exactly a year ago, I joined an online forum called The Baby Wearer.  ( for anyone who is interested!)  I started hearing about these things called Baby Legs, which are basically leg warmers for babies and toddlers.  They seemed intriguing, but I never looked into them further.

I happened to notice some good deals for some brand name Baby Legs on the For Sale or Trade-Off Topic section of the forum.  They were in some boyish prints, and decided it would be fun to get for Baby David, esp. as he’ll be learning to crawl next winter, and these will be easier for him to wear and crawl in.

The first pair arrived a few days ago, and I decided to have Eliana be my tester to figure out how they work.  And she LOVED them and didn’t want to take them off!  She kept asking to wear “Baby David Socks.”  Awwww!  I found a great deal on an off-brand girly pair and they arrived today.  Eliana really likes them and insisted on wearing them under her pajama pants.  At least they will keep her legs warmer tonight!

She stayed still long enough for me to take a few pictures.  I asked her to show me her legs, and this is what she did:

Eliana showing off her Baby Legs

Eliana showing off her baby Legs

I discovered several Do-It-Yourself threads on TBW, and while at Target I bought a bunch of really fun women tube socks, and I’m going make my own DIY Baby Legs for Eliana and some of her little friends!

And yes, it’s been more than two weeks since Christmas, but I finally got around to taking a picture of our little Christmas tree.  Eliana and I decorated it after Jake went to Honduras, so I left it up for him to see.  I was worried that Eliana would keep getting into a real tree, but she’s never touched or played with any of the trees we’ve been around.  So here was the little Range 2007 Christmas tree!





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