Christmas is just around the corner!

18 12 2007

I LOVE Christmas! I esp. love when all my shopping is done!! Usually, I leave some things to the last minute, and then I’m scrambling at the mall trying to find that perfect gift that I have in my mind, but is sold out everywhere, or it is too late to order it online. This year, since I have a toddler and am pregnant, I decided I wanted to get as much done ahead of time. I did most of my shopping throughout the year. When I saw a gift that would be perfect for someone, I bought it and stashed it away. So then all I had to do was look through my stash and wrap things.

Wrapping gifts with a toddler in the house can be an adventure! I didn’t get any pictures of it, mainly because I was too busy trying to keep Eliana distracted. She helped me pick out which paper to use for each gift and would proudly hold edges down with her pudgy little fingers. She also was in charge of picking out the gift tag stickers for each gift and putting them on as I finished wrapping. So a few gifts are wrinkled and have five gift tags, but the most important thing was the quality time Eliana and I had while wrapping, and people will see Eliana’s love in each gift as well! Maybe next year I’ll be brave and try to use some bows on the gifts. I just knew that would be too much chaos for this year!

While on our way out of town to Big Springs, TX to visit Jake’s grandparents, Eliana and I stopped at the Grapevine Mills Mall to get some slippers for Jake. I LOVE finding incredible deals, like $60 slippers for $10!! Too bad they only had one pair in his size, or I would have stocked up. Jake’s slippers really take a beating!

I decided to venture out into the depths of the mall, and came across a really neat photo booth. It takes three pictures, and then you pick your favorite pose. It then transforms the photo into a drawing. You can then pick if you want it to look like a pencil drawing, charcoal, watercolor, or an oil painting. It cost $3, but the samples looked so amazing that I had to try. Plus, Eliana was in a semi-happy mood still, so I figured it was worth a shot. While choosing the image of Eliana and I, a gentleman came up and started asking me questions about it. I was explaining the process and clicking through the final print options when I guess the machine ran out of time. I was going to pick the watercolor option, but it printed it as a pencil drawing instead. Ooops! It still turned out ok, though. I decided to try one more of Eliana. She did a great job posing, and I was able to get the watercolor option. I was so happy with the outcome, that I’ve decided to make copies and print them out and frame them as gifts for Jake, my parents, and his mom. I’ll probably also print out some smaller ones of Eliana to send to relatives.

Drawing of Jen and Eliana - 11-30-07

Here is the one of Eliana. She is so beautiful!!

Watercolor Eliana - 11-30-07




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