Wow! That’s a BIG pancake!

16 12 2007

I splurged and bought some blueberries and blackberries. Eliana and I have LOVED putting them in our cereal in the morning! Jake mentioned that they would be good in pancakes, so we had breakfast for dinner last Friday night. I learned that it’s better to go ahead and smash up the blackberries in the batter, or else the pancakes won’t cook and fall apart. 🙂 Jake wanted to help me out by making the last few pancakes so that I could get mine doctored up. When I looked back, this is what I saw:

Now THAT’s a BIG pancake! - 12-14-07

He poured the last of the batter onto the griddle and made a HUGE blackberry pancake! I didn’t think he’d be able to flip it, but I keep forgetting about that engineering side of him. 🙂 He was able to use two spatulas and flip it without making a mess!

I got into an organizing mood last week and was sorting out papers. Eliana started laughing, and when I looked over, I saw she was in the plastic basket, pretending to sleep! Here are some fun photos of her!

Who ya looking at? 12-12-07

“Who ya looking at?!”

Cutie in a basket - 12-12-07

Cutie in a basket!

Today, Eliana insisted that her shoes be put on her baby doll. I finally put rubber bands on the shoes and the dolls legs to keep them on. Jake’s engineering mind is rubbing off on me! 😀 She had a lot of fun taking her doll on a “walk” in the kitchen.

Eliana taking her doll on a walk - 12-16-07

She’s going to be such a good mommy some day!




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