Introducing our newest little baby Range!

13 12 2007

Baby’s first profile!

Baby’s first profile! 11-29-07

Baby’s profile. The two dark spots on the chest are the heart and the stomach.

Baby’s profile with heart and stomach - 11-29-07

Baby’s feet!

Baby’s feet! - 11-29-07

The money shot. 😀

It’s a boy! - 11-29-07

Yup! It’s a boy!

I was leaning more towards not finding out the gender, but I knew Jake really wanted to know. So I decided to find out, but I want other kiddos to be a surprise.

But at the actual ultrasound, I got inklings when I first saw the profile, because it’s so different from Eliana’s. And then I thought I kept seeing some “flashes” of some parts as the baby squirmed around. The tech said that he was really rolling around and then would calm down so she could get some pictures, and then squirm some more. But she was able to get this great freeze frame of the key area, and I immediately blurted out, “Oh My! We’re definitely having a boy!” The doctor came in after the tech to get a few more shots, and also got another great freeze frame, and said, “Wow! He’s not small!” LOL!

His first name will be David, but we’re not sure about middle names yet. We’ll keep you posted!




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