Now THAT’s some serious bed head hair!

11 12 2007

I woke Eliana up early this morning so that we’d have plenty of time to get ready for our Early Childhood PTA meeting. Plus, then Jake could get some snuggles before heading off to work, as she’ll probably be in bed by time he gets home. (Thank goodness his approved paid overtime ends this Saturday!) She had the WORST bed head hair I’ve ever seen!! Of course, sympathetic mommy goes for the camera instead of a comb. But it did give Jake and I a good laugh. Here are some pictures of the two of them.

Jake and Eliana - 12-10-07

Jake holding Eliana, who is still sleepy and a little grumpy.

Jake holding Eliana, who has some serious bed head hair! 12-10-07

Now there’s a hint of a smile from my bed head beauty!

More of Eliana’s serious bed head hair! 12-10-07

View of the bed head from the back.

I’ve been slowly preparing Eliana for the arrival of her little brother, due April 4th, 2008. It helps that we take care of a little five month old boy named Marc on Wednesday mornings. She brings me his diaper and wipes, helps hold his bottle while he feeds, and brings him toys. She also likes to rock her dolls in a cradle, rock them put them to “sleep”, and “feed” them. Here is proof that I don’t have to worry about her future kids starving!

Eliana “feeds” her Cabbage Patch and Curious George doll - 12-09-07

Yup, that’s two boxes worth of crackers. I guess she thought her dolls were REALLY hungry! How she managed to get the two boxes of crackers off the top of the dryer still makes me cringe.

“Hat!! It’s a Hat!” Eliana tells me, as I am folding laundry in our living room. I look up and burst out laughing. She has one of my cotton breast pads on her head! I stopped nursing Eliana a year ago, and yet these things keep showing up at the most random times! She must have a stash of them hidden somewhere! Of course, she had to put it on my head, and then step back and look at me. Her verdict: “Funny!” she says with a giggle. Yeah, I agree with you there. I love seeing her sense of humor developing!

“It’s a hat!” Eliana with a cotton breast pad on her head - 12-09-07




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