Ah, the messes kids make!

8 12 2007

I have proof that I’m spending too much time on the computer. There are some forums and blogs that I love to read, and now I’m going to need to limit myself to reading them when Eliana is zonked out. She is just too busy and curious and active to be left on her own any longer than just a few minutes. I was waiting for her to finish going potty. Sometimes she likes to sit a REALLY long time, which can really test my patience. I kept asking if she’s done, and she told me, “No all done! Poop!” She’s at the point that she can tell something is going on, but sometimes it doesn’t come out as fast as she (or mommy) thinks or hopes it will.

So I decide that I’ll go ahead and send a quick email while we are waiting. She has her blankie and a sippy cup and she’ll be fine for a minute, I tell myself. After a few minutes, I realize that things are quiet. A little too quiet. As any mom knows, usually the equation is… quiet + kids = trouble + mess. Sure enough, that’s the correct answer today! Here’s what I found:

Eliana caught putting a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet

Eliana knew she was doing something she wasn’t supposed to!

A whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet

Yup! That’s a brand new roll of toilet paper in the waste basket and the toilet. There is so much toilet paper in the toilet, the water has been completely absorbed. I put on some gloves and pulled most of it out before attempting to flush the toilet, but it still clogged. Grrrr. Luckily, there is a plunger right next to the toilet and it didn’t take too much effort to unclog it.

Poor Eliana started crying as soon as I walked into the bathroom and saw the mess, cried while I tried to decide if I should join her or laugh, cried while I grabbed the camera and took some photos, and cried while I cleaned up the mess. I was consoling her the whole time, but she was just too upset to calm down. Once I got everything cleaned up and started taking the old roll off, she stopped crying, took initiative and brought me a brand new roll without me asking!

Exhibit #2…. Coloring fun. Again, I was checking my email while Eliana was eating a snack and watching a Veggies Tale video before taking a nap. I had been snuggling with her at first, but got uncomfortable with her squished as far back as she can on my pregnant lap. I made the mistake of letting her stay on the couch instead of transferring her to her booster seat where she is happy and content (and contained.) And yes, I got sucked into the world of the internet. I can try to justify it by saying I was answering a question about favorite baby shower gifts and I was posting lots of links to my favorite items so that other future moms can be helped out, but it was something that could have been done once Eliana was sound asleep enjoying her nap.

And then I realized I was hearing a strange scratching sound. I turned around to see Eliana holding a black permanent marker and coloring on our white computer room door. Not a good combo! As soon as she saw me, she went running, but luckily actually obeyed my order to “Come here right now!” She handed over the marker without any fuss, and then proudly started exclaiming, “I colored! Nana colored!” I just had to laugh at how excited she was, but also was panicking as I looked all around the living room to see what other items had been her canvas. Luckily, there wasn’t too much damage. My clear plastic bead box got decorated, along with the baby gate. But as far as I can see, that was it. A baby wipe took off the marks on the plastic, but it looks like the damage is done on the door and baby gate. At least she was cooperative and tried to help me clean the door. I’ll have to add white paint to the shopping list!

Here are some photos from this fun experience:

Eliana cleaning up the coloring she made on the door

Cleaning up the evidence

Eliana telling me she’s “Cleaning the color” from the door

Eliana telling me she’s “Cleaning up the color.”




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