Fun weekend with family

5 12 2007

So I’ve decided to enter the world of blogging! I figure it will help me let family and friends know the crazy antics that go on here. Life with a toddler can be entertaining and fun! Eliana turned two in October, and baby David is due to arrive in early April! I know that life is going to dramatically change in the next year, and I thought it would be fun to capture my musings so that I could look back on this time and laugh!

Eliana and I went to Big Spring, TX this past weekend for an impromptu Range gathering. It was a shooting competition, instead of just target practice like I was expecting. Granddad Range was my coach, and I actually did better than I thought I would! Luckily, I didn’t have to lie down in the prone position, as I don’t think my almost six months pregnant belly would have allowed it!

Grandma Jean offered to give Eliana a construction play set, which has tractors, diggers, a crane, a remote controlled semi, and lots of little traffic cones and other construction items. I originally said no, partially because she already has a lot of toys, but also because I didn’t think she’d play with it much. It was still sitting out from when her cousin Tristin was playing with it. And wouldn’t you know it… she played with it most of Sunday night and also throughout Monday morning! Grandma Jean and I were both surprised, and so Grandma Jean extended her offer again. I said yes and also said that I’d give it to her and baby David for a Christmas gift. So it goes to show that those gender stereotypes aren’t always accurate!

On the drive home yesterday, Eliana just melted my heart! She was singing in the backseat, “Mommy, love you. Daddy, love you. Nana (Eliana) love you.” Awwww!

Here are some fun photos from our trip.

Furry clouds on the drive to Big Springs, TX

I saw these clouds on the drive to Big Springs, TX. They looked so soft and I was sure if I could reach up and touch them that they would feel furry!

Eliana and Uncle Daniel at the gun range

Eliana and Uncle Daniel at the gun range

Little girl in a Big Bed!

Little girl in a big bed! Eliana insisted on sleeping with me in the bed.

Eliana reading with Great-Grandpa Byron

Eliana “reading” with Great-Grandpa Byron.

Eliana napping with Great-Grandma Jean

Eliana fell asleep in her booster seat after lunch and napped with Great-Grandma Jean




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